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Installing a network allows more than one user to use PACE at one time. Eg, one user can be preparing a work-order and another user (or more) can be doing accounting work, or another work-order etc.

A brief description of PACE and Windows networking.

In a typical Windows network configuration, PACE cannot 'talk' directly to Windows. PACE requires a 'middleman' to translate its commands to Windows. This middleman is a program called Lantastic. This means that PACE is limited to running in a Windows98 environment because Lantastic was discontinued and will not run reliably on any newer Windows platform.

To resolve this situation the company that manufactures the HASP key (Alladin) rewrote some files that allow PACE to talk directly to Windows. Unfortunately, the shops I know of that are using these new HASP files are complaining of painfully slower speeds.

Another alternative for shops wanting to run PACE in a newer Windows environment is to implement a system designed by Redeye Computer Works. This system will allow using PACE in any version of Windows without using the new HASP files. There are several customers in the Greater Vancouver area that have been enjoying using PACE on a Windows 2000 network for the last 8 years!. More details are available on the Redeye Computer Works page of this website.