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a. Accountants don't like PACE

False, at least for those accountants that have made the effort to understand the chart of accounts

b. PACE cannot do a proper year end

False. The year-end procedure is simple and consists of just two 2"-binders to deliver to the accountant.

c. The GL doesn't work

False. The GL works 100% correctly if the bookkeeper understands all the accounts

d. Must print all the "Manual GL Adjustments" at the end of each month

False. Although this procedure is in the manual it is unnecessary as the adjustments can be printed at any time in the future.

e. Must print out a Journal for each account for each month

False. Same as preceeding "Manual GL  Adjustments" answer

f. Cannot export PACE data to Windows

False. Through the use of SQL's, any and all data can be extracted and formatted into a file that can be accessed by many Windows' programs.

g. Will only network on Windows versions 3.1 / 95 / 98

False. There are two methods to allow PACE to network to any version of Windows, please see the Networking section

h. Can only network up to five users

False. There are keys available that allow up to twenty users at one time. At the time of this writing these larger capacity keys are available at no extra charge.

i. Can only print to dot matrix printers

False. There are now many laser printers (primarily Brother) that are compatible to PACE / DOS printing. These laser printers are cheaper than a new Okidata dot matrix which is around $450.00 in British Columbia. Please see the Printing section.