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Introduction to Pace
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The PACE Business Manager (PACE) is a software program written for the DOS operating system but also works on any version of Windows-including XP-as either a single station or networked! The rights to the PACE program are currently owned by Activant Solutions Inc., (Activant) of Livermore CA, USA. The office that is responsible for the operations of PACE are in Austin TX.

Activant has discontinued developing the PACE program although, apparently, it is still available for purchase (1.800.678.5266). Support is also still available and my sources have stated that support will continue for as long as there are enough users to warrant the service.

Most people think of PACE as a system to prepare and control work orders with the added benefit of presenting professional looking invoices to their customers. Some other benefits that are frequently cited are, inventory control, service history, accounts receivable and, to a lesser extent, payables.