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About Me
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About Me


My name is Peter Rousseau, I am the owner of White Knight Business Solutions, based in Langley, BC.

My Introduction To The Automotive Industry

I entered the automotive repair industry in 1994 when I became the official trainer of the PACE Business Manager computer system for the area of Greater Vancouver, BC. In mid 1995 I resigned as trainer and focused on helping PACE users with their marketing needs and later to setup and operate their accounting systems as well as creating business performance analysis tools.

Database Programming

Over the years I learned how to extract data from the PACE database that can be used to create custom PACE reports or data (ascii) files that can be imported to any windows-based program -ask your computer technician if your program can use ascii text files. Tinkering with the PACE database led to learning about databases in general and how to write custom database programs which has been one of my services for several years.

My Business Experience

I became self-employed in 1983. Several years later I became curious of what I might have missed by not receiving formal education so I enrolled in Kwantlen College-University's Marketing Management program and graduated in 1995.

In the business world I was involved primarily in sales & marketing but I was also required to setup and manage accounting systems. This knowledge of marketing and accounting allowed me to gain a real understanding of how business works.

The strength of my service to business owners and managers is that (like them) I have the practical experience of running a business, plus I can apply the technical knowledge that schooling offers.

Service Summary

  • PACE Business Manager Support:
    • No Start / Crashes
    • Database Corruption
    • Data Extraction
    • Computer Configuration (including networking)
    • Accounting and Procedure
  • Marketing (including database marketing)
  • Information Systems (database programming and business analysis tools)